Credit Transfer of Students From Brown's Town Community College to Texila American University

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 ​Texila American University has accepted the new transfer students to the university campus in Guyana for the Doctor of Medicine (MD) program. Recently three students namely Amelia Grey, Christina Gordon and Shenae Bloise from Brown’s Town Community College have been transferred to the Texila American University. 

The information about the transfer of these students from Brown’s Town Community College was printed in the Sunday Gleaner Newspaper dated on 17th Sep 2017 during the colleges Outstanding Academic performance of the year 2016-2017.

The Brown Town Community College was established in 1975 by the Ministry of Education to prepare students in advanced level courses. BTC is committed to being a world-class institution providing quality education and excellent service to all our customers.

Being South America’s renowned Medical University, Texila American University has been recognized among the top choice of the students who wish to Study Medicine in the Caribbean. With the gaining popularity of quality education, the university has transformed the Lives and Career of students. 

Talking to the media, the Vice Chancellor of the University quoted, “When a new student is added to Texila American University’s’ portfolio, they understand and unleash the opportunity to educate, enlighten and engrave the knowledge and life skills thirst of students & professional community with a New Culture, Environment & Learning needs.”

Key facts about Texila American University Guyana (TAU)  

  • TAU is a top-ranked Caribbean Medical School
  • Offers Doctor of Medicine, Bachelor of Science in Nursing for Registered Nurses (RN to BSN) and Bachelors in Pharmacy
  • Alumni undertaking Medical Residency in the USA are also practicing as Licensed Physicians globally in many countries like India, Nigeria, Zambia etc.

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Source: Texila American University Guyana