MCh in Trauma & Orthopedics Offered by Texila American University in Partnership With UCN

Texila American University offers speciality degree, MCh in the field of Trauma and Orthopedics. The course is offered to those who are holding an MS Orthopedics / Diploma in Orthopedics / DNB Orthopedics.

This program is for talented and ambitious Doctors looking to gain state of the art knowledge in the specialist field of trauma and orthopedics.

Magister Chirurgiae (abbreviated as M.Ch), is a Latin originated word inferred as Master of Surgery. This program is a pathway to prepare doctors to contribute positively to meet the demands and challenges of orthopedic and trauma care within acute and critical hospital settings through continuing care and rehabilitation. Orthopedic and trauma care, whether it is directed towards adults or children, demands a specialist knowledge base and clinical skills from suitably qualified practitioners, who are knowledgeable on assessing, planning, delivering and evaluating care.

The Post Graduate M.Ch Surgery Program furnishes a professional achievement for the surgical trainees to boost their research and scientific skills and their career in surgery. On successful completion of the program, the doctors can get into surgical training curriculum that provides excellent basics for the surgical learning to meet the modern surgery requirements. Furthermore, it presents the specialist medical practice in public and private sectors along with the academic appointments in research and training. Specialization in any field of M.Ch Surgery grants an added advantage to acquire apt career opportunities in teaching, consultation or any other relevant areas.

The field of orthopedics offers great career opportunities, and the career development path for the orthopedic surgeons is very bright. An Orthopedic specialist can start working with an established hospital, either in public or private sector, as per his choice. The other lucrative option is to open their own Clinic and provide services to the patients. Many orthopedic doctors opt to teach at universities and colleges or enter into research. This profession is one of the highest paying medical specialties.

Texila American University (TAU) renders the post-graduate programs in academic partnership with the University of Central Nicaragua (UCN). TAU currently has students from Asia, Africa, Middle East and other Continents of the world for the post-graduate programs. The learning and teaching strategy used is the blended approach which means doctors can learn through a virtual learning environment without compromising their current job. The university offers the program at a very affordable price and through flexible payment options.

About Texila American University

Texila American University (TAU) is one of the reputed Medical Schools in the Caribbean, with its campus located in Guyana. Since its inception, TAU has been rendering the best-class education with a high deal of professionalism and exactness.

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Source: Texila American University (TAU)