Medical Student Delivers Baby During Guyana Defence Force (GDF) Emergency Flight

Texila American University

Medical Student of Texila American University delivers baby during Guyana Defence Force (GDF) Emergency Flight

A Guyana Defence Force aircraft was transformed into a delivery room on May 27th, 2017, as a baby girl anxiously made her entrance into the world mid-air. In the statement given by 
the GDF Forces, the baby was born exactly at 5:48 p.m. during a scheduled flight out of Fairview, an Amerindian Village in the North Rupununi.   

According to the sources, the mother had developed complications as the infant was in the breeched position, and so a request was made for her to be air-dashed to the city. Fortunately, a medical student from Texila American University was on board, who spearheaded the delivery and transported the mother to the city for emergency care and helped her deal with the complications. 

"We educate ourselves to lead comfortable lives in the future and get jobs to ensure the same. However, each speck of knowledge that we gain is meant for a purpose bigger than ourselves."

Texila American University

The baby and mother were then transferred to the Georgetown Public Hospital for better treatment and well-being. The pilots, Major Mohinder Ramjag and Patrick Nicols, were elated by the emergency medical service rendered by the Student of Texila American University and are also happy that both mother and child are safe.
This is the first known mid-air delivery, in recent times, that occurred on a GDF aircraft, the Forces said.

The GDF Forces appreciated the emergency medical service rendered by our Student and hopes that she continues her good work to help save many more lives.

Mr. Saju Bhaskar, the Founder and President of Texila American University, said: “What we act is a result of what we have learnt. We train our students to give their best in dealing with the real-time incidents like this. We are proud of students for their confidence in shining in their chosen field and we wish them all the very best in their journey of becoming healthcare professionals — be it a physician, nurse or a pharmacist — to serve their community.”

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