Texila American University Enters Into Curriculum Partnership With Ponce Health Sciences University, USA

Texila American University has entered into an academic partnership with Ponce Health Sciences University (PHSU) in Ponce, Puerto Rico, United States of America. Under the partnership, PHSU will provide its medical school curriculum to support TAU’s program.

 “The collaboration between Texila American University and PHSU represents a groundbreaking development in the delivery of medical education,” says Dr. David Lenihan, CEO of Ponce Health Sciences University. “The aim of the partnership is to enhance the training of Texila’s students so they can better serve their local communities once they graduate. If they wish to practice medicine in the United States, our curriculum will adequately prepare them with a pioneering education model that adheres to U.S. standards.”

"Inbuilt USMLE Training is also offered for the MD students."

Texila Admin

Under the partnership with PHSU, Texila American University’s students will be taught using the flipped classroom model, in which short video lectures are viewed at home prior to class sessions, while in-class time is devoted to exercises, projects, or discussions that makes the class more engaging and interactive. Texila’s students will be following the same exclusive medical education curriculum that PHSU provides to its students.

Founded in 1977, PHSU has graduated more than 1,000 health and medical professionals. Along with its MD program, PHSU offers a number of other medical education programs, including PhD degrees in Biomedical Sciences and Clinical Psychology; a PsyD in Clinical Psychology; a Master in Public Health (MPH); a Master of Science in Medical Sciences (MSMS); and a DrPH in Epidemiology. The university is also the home of Ponce Research Institute, an internationally recognized facility that performs research in the areas of cancer, child and adolescent anxiety disorders, infectious disease, virology and immunology.

“We’re extremely excited to bring Ponce Health Science University’s medical education methodology to our students,” says Mr. Saju Bhaksar, the Founder & President of Texila American University. “The union between our programs marks the first time that an American medical school is partnering with a medical school outside the United States to build capacity, enhance educational content, and upgrade the quality of student learning through a unique teaching approach and an innovative curriculum.”

Texila American University (TAU) is an international medical school that provides world-class learning and student experience. It was established in the year 2010 in Guyana, South America. Currently students from more than 40 nationalities and countries are pursuing their medical program in the most advanced new University campus.

TAU creates physicians and healthcare professionals and prepares them for flourishing careers in their relevant fields worldwide. At TAU, we deliver what it takes to transform dedicated students into qualified and successful professionals. TAU provides the opportunity to pursue world-class medical programs with hands-on clinical training and advanced infrastructure.

Admissions are open for the Doctor of Medicine program in Texila Campus in Guyana with the options of doing the last 2 years of Clinical Training in USA-affiliated Hospitals.

Source: Texila American University