Texila American University Launches English for Academic Purposes (EAP) Program

Learning for Work and Life

​​​​Texila American University introduces English for Academic Purposes (EAP) program to create a pathway for the Non English Speaking students from Latin American Countries to acquire English knowledge. The program is offered in an affiliation with Broward College (BC), USA inorder to take advantage of the booming global English Language Learning market and provide specialized language tuition to Latin American Students. Broward College is Ranked #3 in the Nation by Aspen Institute and Ranked #5 World-Wide in Conferring Associate Degrees. 

This Program has been designed in such a way for acquiring English Knowledge by upgrading their skills & also to create an ideal option for degree seeking students in USA & Canada. This program also focuses on developing Academic Level Proficiency for the Non-English-Speaking Students from Latin American Countries.

Dr. A. Anand, The Vice Chancellor of Texila American University quoted that, “One of its chief goals of the program is to aid students in being more successful in their studies and more employable on the global market. It also seeks to position as a top destination for English language learning.”

“English is a key requirement in today’s global working world. Some view English as a gateway into the best colleges or universities. For others, it is simply about acquiring a new set of language skills and exploring a different culture,” said Mr. Ashok Kumar, Vice-President – International Operations. “Whatever their motivation, TAU offers a perfect location to study English and as South America’s top ranked University, Texila is excellently positioned to deliver a quality learning experience to global students.” Mr.Ashok added. 

The eligibility criteria for students who want to take up this program needs to pass the Level of English Proficiency (LOEP) Exam.  Depending upon their basic understanding of English Language (Read, Write & Speak) and on evaluating the results obtained from LOEP students will be admitted for the program. As a part of Entry requirements, students should forward their High School Diploma and Valid ID proof to take the LOEP Assessment.

The program will be pursued in Texila American University, Guyana Campus and the actual program duration is framed for 2 years i.e. 4 semesters which is inclusive of fourteen courses in three skill-areas which are Grammar, Communication and Reading. The actual duration of the program would be determined based on the LOEP assessment.

Upon completion of the EAP program, it paves way for the students to upgrade into Associate Degree (AA Degree) through Broward College, USA.  This platform provides an advancement in Academic Language Skills that is required to succeed in colleges or Graduate School level in United States or Canada. This will be beneficial to students as they will get adapted to the USA Academic environment.

To learn more about the University and to apply, please visit http://www.texilaamericanuniversity.com/newswire-doctor-medicine.html

Key facts about Texila American University Guyana (TAU)  

  • Top-ranked medical school in Caribbean
  • Located in Hazardous free Zone which is completely free from Natural disasters
  • Students from 40+ Nationalities like Brazil, Venezuela, Dominica & Suriname

Source: Texila American University


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