Texila American University Organizes 4th International Scientific E-Conference for Research Scholars

A multi-disciplinary platform to connect and interact with industry experts and practicing professionals

Texila American University organises the 4th International Scientific e-Conference for research scholars from all around the world to present their research papers. Texila Conference, the official wing of Texila American University mentioned that the International e-Conference for scholars will be held between 26th and 29th of October, 2017.

Texila is conducting various academic events for the welfare of the students and e-Conference is one such event that Texila hosts every year for global scholars. This event is treated as a most important event by academicians in research areas.

  • E-Conference gives students the flexibility and convenience to participate in International Conference directly from their home. This saves travel expenses, time and effort without losing any advantage which they get in conventional gathering
  • Paper entries are accepted from eligible scholars in 20 different disciplines
  • If the scholars do a remarkable presentation about their research work, they can win $1500+ Cash awards
  • Scholars will receive International certificate on participation

Research works of scholars are projected in 50 colleges where Texila has shared broadcasting license in addition to the social media reach.

Texila American University is the first ever institution to introduce e-Way conference in the Caribbean. In the last 3 events, the institution has attracted more than 2800 attendees from 85+ countries and there are 760+ papers presented by the student community.

With the grand success trends of last 3 conferences, Texila American University is hopeful of achieving even more heights in 2017 in its 4th International e-Conference on the theme "Global Education, Research, and Technology for Sustainable Development." 

Scholars willing to take part in this International event can register their names at www.texilaconference.org and submit their research work on or before 13th August 2017. This event could be an enlightening platform for students to showcase their findings in the global arena.

Key factors about Texila American University:

  • TAU is a top-ranked Caribbean Medical School
  • Offers world-class Doctor of Medicine program with Clinical Rotations in USA 
  • Alumni undertaking Medical Residency in the USA
  • Alumni are also practicing as Licensed Physicians globally in many countries like India, Nigeria, Zambia etc.

To learn more about the University and to apply, please visit:   http://www.texilaamericanuniversity.com/newswire-doctor-medicine.html

Source: Texila American University