Texila Opened Its New Multimillion-Dollar Ultra-Modern Campus in Guyana

Texila American University News

Texila poised to be top medical school in the region

Texila American University has Opened its US$ 10M Campus in Providence, Guyana, fully embracing features to enable a green environment. Since its inception in 2010, TAU has remained committed to excellence in the education of future healthcare professionals in Guyana and across the world. Recognised by the National Accreditation Council of Guyana and listed in the World Health Organization, Medical Council of Guyana, Medical Council of India, Medical and Dental Board of Nigeria and more, the University caters the needs of the aspirants worldwide. Currently Texila houses students from over 40 nationalities for its various program verticals, thereby providing a rich collaborative environment to nurture talent in the field of healthcare.  Doctor of Medicine program offered by Texila American University is a World Class program preparing Doctors for the future.

With its new campus in place and plans to expand operation, Texila American University (TAU) is eyeing international accreditation for its medical programme. TAU is looking for the Caribbean Accreditation Authority for Education in Medicine and other Health Professions (CAAM-HP) in Barbados for its accreditation.

Texila American University is one of the best medical universities in the Caribbean.

“We hope to submit our documentation to CAAM-HP by the end of this month,” Mr Saju Bhaskar (Founder & President) said during an interview yesterday, even as he pointed out that “we have already done reviews with experts from the University of the West Indies who flew in from Trinidad, and they have all reviewed our documentation.”

TAU is posted to be a TOP Caribbean Medical School. The University’s Visionary approach and Quality linked policies has pulled the university to the limelight. The new campus was inaugurated by His Excellency Dr. Mossess V. Nagamotoo, the Honorable President of Guyana. “With certification from TAU, graduates can practice just about anywhere in the world,” Bhaskar added. The University successfully graduated its third batch of doctors in December 2016 and the alumni are practicing as Doctors worldwide.

TAU offers a variety of courses in the field of healthcare education. Courses include Medicine, Nursing & Pharmacy. With the university’s sustained Quality and Student Care, it is turning out to be a landmark and preferred destination for healthcare studies for students' community across the globe.

Talking to the media, Mr. Bhaskar also added: Admissions are open in Texila American University for the 2017 Intake for its healthcare programs. He also pointed out that TAU is prepared to offer programmes that are necessary for the development of Guyana.



Source: Texila American University, www.tau.edu.gy